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The Digital Revolution 

At a time when travel and face-to-face visits can prove difficult, we have used the restrictions in movement within the UK and globally to carefully plan some alternatives to visit customers or potential customers keen to hear more about Bernhard grinders.

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European Webinar - 5th November at 12.00pm (CET) 

In this European edition of the Bernhard and Company Webinar for the demonstration of the latest and most innovative grinders on the market - the Express Dual 5500 and Anglemaster 4500. 

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Express Dual Range

World's fastest and easiest to use Reel sharpeners.

Express Dual 5500 

Fully connected reel mower sharpening system. The Express Dual 5500 comes with the most innovative and advanced technology to make sure you get speed, accuracy and efficiency when you grind your mowers to get superior quality of cut. From Laser survey and measurement technology to customisable RFID technology.

Express Dual 4100

The world's most popular reel grinder - upgraded. Still features the renowned, solid and reliable control system allowing for fast and accurate set up. Easy to use even for a less experienced user or beginners.

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Anglemaster Range

High precision Bedknife sharpeners.

Anglemaster 4500

The new Anglemaster 4500 is the first fully connected bedknife sharpening solution from Bernhard and Company. It provides a fully customisable platform for your bedknife sharpening needs - giving you flexibility on how, what and the way you sharpen.

Anglemaster 4100

The world's most popular bedknife grinder - upgraded. The Anglemaster 4100 gives users more flexibility and control over their grinding practices and evolving with ever changing bedknife materials.

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